YouTube to MP3 High Quality Downloader

YouTube to MP3 HQ Downloader There are a lot of tools let users easily download YouTube MP4 and FLV videos on the web. However YouTube MP3 downloaders are quite few, especially for downloading high quality MP3 audio. YouTube To MP3 High Quality Downloader is a windows desktop tool that downloads YouTube videos to high quality MP3 music files directly. The application has the ability to search and choose the best HQ resource from YouTube, and download the high quality file. Besides the MP3 format, YouTube To MP3 High Quality Downloader also supports to save the audio to original AAC format, or downloads the MP4 video.

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4.9 MB - Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/7/8 (32/64 bit)

How To Download YouTube to High Quality MP3

It's very easy to download high quality MP3 from YouTube with YouTube To MP3 High Quality Downloader. The operation is very simple as other normal YouTube video downloader, and you do not need to learn anything new:

1- Copy the YouTube URL you want to download to High Quality MP3
When you want to download from YouTube, simply copy the YouTube URL, and then there will be an Add a New Download window jumps out. You will see the URL has been copied to the URL text box automatically.

2- Select the output format
The output format list has about 10 video and audio formats, and it selected the High Quality MP3 format by default. If you want to download other formats, you can change the selection.

3- Choose the output path and start downloading
The last step is choosing the output folder, when the downloading finished the file will be saved to the folder you chose. After that please click "Download" button to start, and immediately you will see the progress while downloading.

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37 MB - Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/7/8/10 and later (32/64 bit)